sw-horz-w3cIn this section, we give an overview of some projects, which are using the movie ontology MO. To complete this list with your project, you may simply comment on this page with your project name, link and short project description or contact us with the mentioned information.

List of Projects


OMORE is a cross-page personal recommender system that provides movie recommendations based on a learned user preference model across different movie Web pages such as IMDb, Amazon, Netflix, Blockbusters and RottenTomatoes. It is implemented as a Firefox Addon that adds a rating and recommendation component to all supported Web pages. The advantage of OMORE is that a user has to express his rating for a movie only once but can benefit from it on every supported Web page. OMORE is a project done by the s.e.a.l. and DDIS research group from the Department of Informatics at the University of Zurich.


MOLookup is a movie lookup service that enables retrieving the unique movie URI from the Linked Movies (LiMo) database. MOLookup provides fuzzy search facilities and retrieves the proper movie based on title and/or release year. Besides a user friendly Web interface, it provides a JSON interface that can be used in Semantic Web enabled applications.

LiMo database

The LiMo database provides cross-referencing movie information.